“Phil Kotler is the reigning sage of marketing, with vast knowledge, penetrating insight, and a fabulous ability to synthesize a complex topic into truthful simplicity. A master teacher, Kotler continues to shape the minds of marketing leaders around the world—and through his writing, he can shape your mind, too.”    -Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

“To many marketing students and marketing practitioners around the world, ‘marketing’ and ‘Kotler’ are two synonymous concepts…No other single individual has influenced the marketing field more than Philip Kotler.”     -Torger Reve, Wil Wilhelmsen Chair in Strategy and Professor of Marketing, BI Norwegian School of Management

“All of these exciting things notwithstanding, the most exciting aspect of the academic life for me has been the opportunity to do research…Philip Kotler’s (1971) book, Marketing Decision Marking: A Model-Building Approach, initiated me into marketing modeling research. Given that there was hardly any marketing modeling literature in the 1970s, I found Kotler’s book exhilarating, and even now, I read it before writing any modeling article.”     -Vijay Mahajan, holder of the John P. Harbin Centennial Chair in Business at McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin.

“There’s only one name in marketing: Phil Kotler.  His latest may be his best—a summa that captures the best of his insights, as original today as when he first took pen in hand, forty years ago.”     -Tom Peters, author of In Search for Excellence

“A masterful job by the master thinker about marketing…The latest thinking on all the enduring issues of how to find, win, and keep customers.”   -Professor George S. Day, Wharton School, U. of Pennsyvania

“What Peter Drucker is to management, Philip Kotler is to marketing.  Kotler’s ideas are endlessly interesting, relevant, and ahead of the times.”     -Al Ries, Ries & Ries.

“Philip Kotler is again leading the way in strategic marketing with timely insight into a transformational period.  Marketing 3.0 makes a compelling case for the competitive benefits of tapping into the human spirit to engage consumers.”    Dennis Dunlap, CEO, American Marketing Association

“An unrivalled opportunity to spend quality time with one of the leading marketing thinkers in the world.”     -Professor Leonard L. Berry, Texas A&M University

“Everyone says we need really new products, but Kotler actually gives the reader effective and practical concepts and tools to create them based on thinking across rather than within markets.”    -Professor Glen L. Urban, Sloan School, M.I.T.

“With Phil Kotler’s many years of studying marketing, no one is better equipped at spotting marketing sins.”   -Jack Trout, President, Trout & Partners Ltd.

“An amazing guide to marketing excellence, with original and powerful advice…from one of the greatest minds in marketing today.”  –Kevin J. Clancy, Chairman and CEO, Copernicus

“For more than three decades, Philip Kotler has been the authority on marketing for business grad students around the world.  Kotler has done more than probably anyone else to cement marketing’s reputation as a serious business discipline.”  Howard Rothman, Amazon.com.

(More comments can be found on the back covers of his books)


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