Philip Kotler

Marketing Department
S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing
MA 1953, Economics, University of Chicago;
PhD 1956, Economics, M.I.T.

Academic Training 

Kotler majored in economics throughout his university training.  He studied in two of the best marketing departments:  University of Chicago and M.I.T.  He studied under three Nobel Laureate economists:  Milton Friedman (U of C), Paul Samuelson (M.I.T) and Robert Solow (M.I.T.)

Kotler sees Marketing as a branch of Economics even if the economists don’t see it this way.  He went into the teaching of marketing to pick up questions that economists didn’t research, such as “how do consumers make their choices,”  “how to measure the effectiveness of advertising,” “how to allocate sales force resources wisely,” “how to choose optimal distribution channels.” Kotler defines himself as a Market Economist, in contrast to a Macro-economist or a Micro-economist.

Academic Positions Held

Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, 1962-Present.
S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, 1988
Harold T. Martin Professor of Marketing, 1973-1987
Montgomery Ward Professor of Marketing, 1969-1972
Associate Professor of Marketing, 1965-1968 
Assistant Professor of Marketing, 1962-64

The Thinkers 50 Award:

2001 #10,

2003 #6,

2005 #7,

2007 #11,

2009 #9,




Kotler chosen as the “Leader in Marketing Thought” by the academic Members of the AMA.

Kotler awarded prize for “Marketing Excellence” by The European Association of Marketing Consultants and Sales Trainers.


Kotler received the 1978 “Paul Converse Award” of the AMA, honoring his original contributions to marketing.


Kotler received the Stuart Henderson Britt Award.


Kotler is the first recipient of the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) “Distinguished Marketing Educator Award.”

Kotler received the Award for Excellence in Health Care Marketing.


Kotler was awarded the Annual Charles Coolidge Parlin National Marketing Award.

Kotler was awarded the Victor Mataja Medal, 1989


Kotler was named the “Marketer of the Year” by the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI).


Marketing Management listed as one of the 50 best business books of all times (Financial Times, December 9, 1996, p. 14).


Kotler received the “Marketing Educator of the Year” award from the Academy of Marketing Science.


March 13, Award for Innovative Thinking in Marketing by the Marketing Management Association.

May 22, Honorary Award of the Portuguese Marketing Association for Distinguished Contributions to Marketing.

Kotler invited to join The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)


May 17, 2005, Honorary Degree: Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania

November, Rate #7 on Management 50

November 18, 2005, Rated the 4th most influential person in shaping business thought in Financial Times survey. The Financial Times did a survey of 1,000 executives from 25 countries of the Most Influential Business Writers/Management Gurus. Philip Kotler was the fourth most influential person following Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, and Jack Welch. Kotler was followed by Michael Porter, Jim Collins, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Tom Peters, and Stephen Covey.

November 2005, The Philip Kotler Centre for ASEAN Marketing was established and an Indonesian postage stamp was issued to commemorate the event.


Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing (PKCAM) established in Indonesia. The Indonesian Post Office issues a commemorative stamp with Philip Kotler’s photo to commemorate the event.

July 15, 2006, The Philip Kotler/V. Srinivasan Center was established at the Great Lakes Institute of Marketing, Chennai India.

May 19, 2006, Honorary Degree: National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kiev, Ukraine

May 25, 2006, Marketer of the Year 2005, awarded by the Czech Marketing Association

Nov 2006, Winner of the 2006 Nobels Colloquia Prize for Economics and Management Leadership, awarded by a jury of ten Nobel Prize winners. (Winners of previous editions have been: 2002 – Richard Normann, 2003 – Edward de Bono, 2004 – Robert Kaplan, 2005 – C. K. Prahalad, 2006 – Philip Kotler, 2007 – Jonas Ridderstrale 2008 – W. Chan Kim, 2009 – Simon Anholt

The  Nobels Colloquia event, now in its ninth edition, was born in the year 2000 from an idea of Giovanni Battista Vescovo and the Nobel Laureate Franco Modigliani, at the time President of the ISEO Institute; the aim was to create a forum and an opportunity for big names of the international industrial and academic worlds to meet, together with Nobel Laureates and world renowned economists. The event concept was drawn from Edgar Morin’s thought, Challenging Ideas for a Common Destiny.

Over the two working days of the event, some of the best scholars in economics meet up and debate themes of the present time, setting the foundation for a macro as well as a micro economic analysis on which new solutions to the main questions posed by markets globalization, by the ever more finance driven economies, by crises that sweep both the Western world and the Far East can be built. Since 2002, the open forum has been coupled with an executive education session on a European-wide level, which tries to build a bridge between those main subject matters pertaining to management and those pertaining to economics.

The same aim is at the base of the creation of the Prize for Leadership on Business and Economic Thinking, which is awarded during the event, so as to underscore the importance of the mutual recognition as well as dialogue between the two worlds of economics and management.

Some of the Nobel Laureates in Economics who have participated in the event during past editions are Maurke Allais, Milton Friedman, Lawrance Klein, James J. Heckman, Daniel McFadden, Robert Merton, James Mirrlees, Franco Modigliani, Robert Mundell, Myron Scholes, Robert Solow, Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Fogel, Reinhard Selten, John Nash, Michael Spence, Betty Williams, Gary Becker, Edward Prescott and Amartya Sen.


April 4, 2007, Presented the annual Robert P. Maxon lecture at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Previous lecturers were Sumner Redstone, Vernon Smith, and Alan Greenspan.

May 11, 2007, Delivered the Commencement Address at the Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida.

June 2, 2007, Received the Professional Achievement Citation at the annual Alumni Convocation at the University of Chicago on June 2, 2007.  Other honorees James Dewey Watson (DNA discoverer), Seymour Hersh (Pulitzer Prize international journalist), and William Richardson (former President of Johns Hopkins)

August 13, 2007, University Putra Malaysia dedicated the Philip Kotler Lecture Hall in the Business School.

Sept 3, 2007, Received honorary degree from Nyenrode Business School in the Netherlands


March 2008, Received honorary degree from University of Pacifico in Peru.

May 5, 2008, The Wall Street Journal named Philip Kotler number 6 in the list of best business thinkers. He was preceded by Gary Hamel, Thomas L. Friedman, Bill Gates, Malcolm Gladwell, and Howard Gardner. He was the only marketer thinker in the list.

May, 2008, First award of Philip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Award, given to Bill Smith.

August 2008, Kotler’s co-authored book, Chaotics, was selected as one of the 30 best business books of 2009 by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. His previous books, Kotler on Marketing, and Lateral Marketing were chosen as best books in previous years.


June 20, Received honorary degree from Mediterranean University in Budva, Montenegro

Sept. 21, 2009, Received honorary degree from University American College in Skopje, Macedonia


Sept. 15, 2010, Annual invited lecturer Penn State School of Business (Lilien)

Sept. 24, 2010, Annual invited lecturer Texas A&M Business School (Venkar)

Professor Philip Kotler was honored as a Legend in Marketing with the publication by Sage of nine volumes of his published articles along with commentaries from over thirty distinguished marketing scholars.  The nine volumes are:

Volume 1: Marketing Theory and Orientations, Editor: Ravi S. Achrol

Volume 2: Analytical Marketing. Editor: Robert C. Blattberg

Volume 3: Creating and Managing the Product Mix. Editor: Venkatesh Shankar

Volume 4: Improving the Role and Practice of Marketing. Editor: Tim Ambler

Volume 5: Strategic Marketing. Editor: Glen Urban

Volume 6: Globalization and International Marketing Competition. Editor: Michael R. Czinkota

Volume 7: Marketing in the New Economy. Editor: Patrick J. Duparq

Volume 8: Broadening the Concept and Applications of Marketing. Editor: William L. Wilkie

Volume 9: The Social and Ethical Side of Marketing. Editor: Paul N. Bloom


June 26, 2010, Named as an Honorary Fellow of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)

March 16, Invited by Takuya Gota, President, Asia Marketing Association to be an AMF Honorary Fellow (Asian Marketing Federation). Honorary fellows include

May 31, On May 31, 2011, the Management A-List of Academics notified Philip Kotler that he was ranked #1 of all business academics. The ranking was based on the number of searches conducted during the period relative to the total number of overall searches performed on the specific         academic over time. The top 10 in order are Philip Kotler, Michael E. Porter, Peter M. Senge, Robert S. Kaplan, Rosebeth Moss Kanter, Kevin Lane Keller, Thomas Davenport, Vijay Govindarajan, Jeffrey Pfeffer, and Clayton M. Christiansen.

Nov 9, Received The Brand Laureate Legendary Award of the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation


February 16, 2013, Las Vegas. Kotler is selected as the first recipient of the William L. Wilkie American Marketing Association Foundation’s (AMAF) “Marketing for a Better World” Award for significant contributions to marketing’s theory and practice, with admirable sensitivity toward marketing’s impacts on the world. The award honors a marketer who has made a significant contribution to the understanding and appreciation for market’s potential to improve the world.

April 18, 2013, Philadelphia, Kotler is this year’s winner of the Wroe Alderson Distinguished Lecturer for the 2012/2013-school year conferred by the Wharton School.

May 2, 2013, Chicago, Kotler is this year’s winner of the Schaffner Award for providing outstanding service to the Kellogg School of Management.

August 9, 2013, Boston, Kotler is selected as the first recipient of the Sheth Foundation Medal for Exceptional Contribution to Marketing Scholarship and Practice.  The Sheth Medal award includes a gold medal and a $5,000 donation to a not-for-profit organization of your choice.

November 7, 2013, Sao Paulo. Kotler received the Badge of Honor of Officer of the Order of Academic Palms established in France in the 19th Century. The Order of Academic Palms is an order of chivalry of France for academics and cultural and educational figures. Originally a decoration founded by Emperor Napoleon to honor eminent members of the University of Paris.

November 19, 2013, Kotler inducted into the Management Hall of Fame, along with 10  management gurus: Philip Kotler, Tom Peters, Warren Bennis, Howard Gardner, Henry Mintzberg, Charles Handy, Robert Kaplan, David Norton, Kenichi Ohmae, Chris Argyris, and Ikujiro Nonaka (see attachment). (For more information, see‎)


March 1, 2014, Kotler is number 16 in the list of the 30 World’s Top Management Professionals and the only marketer. and  

March 13, 2014, Moscow, Philip Kotler receives an honorary degree from Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, Moscow, Russia

May 28, 2014, Kotler inducted in the Marketing Hall of Fame in New York City on May 28, 2014


Honorary Degrees Received by Philip Kotler
Date University Location
1988 DePaul University Chicago
1990 University of Zurich Zurich
1995 Athens School of Economics Athens
1997 Catholic University Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
1998 Groupe HEC Paris
  University of Stockholm Stockholm
  Cracow School of Economics Cracow
2001 Budapest School of Economic Science Budapest
  Universidad Americana Assuncion
  Chartered Institute of Marketing of GB Honorary Fellowship Paraguay
2003 BI Norwegian School of Management Oslo
2005 Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest
2006 National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy Kiev
2007 Nyenrode Business University Breukeken
2008 Universidad del Pacifico Lima
  Mediterranean University Budva, Montenegro
2009 University American College Skopje, Macedonia
2012 HHL Graduate School of Management Leipzig
  Iliria Univesity Pristina, Kosovo
  University of Bucharest Bucharest
2013 Mackensie University Sao Paulo
  Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics Moscow