The Brand Activism Workshop

Why are leading brands turning to progressive Brand Activism?  How do brands align their values with the values of their customers, their employees, and society at large?  


We offer the workshop in two locations:

(1) in Sarasota, Florida (workshop led by Prof. Philip Kotler and Christian Sarkar)

(2) on your company's premises (workshop led by Christian Sarkar)


Senior executives responsible for company/brand strategy and direction


The workshop  introduces executives to the strategic power of Brand Activism done right.

  • What is Brand Activism?

  • How are leading companies stepping up? (NIKE, PUMA, Microsoft, Google, Unilever, Patagonia, The Body Shop, Kenneth Cole, and more)

  • The role of Trust: local, national, and global

  • What are the existing models for Brand Activism?  

  • An introduction to the Sarkar-Kotler Brand Activism Framework

  • Understanding Brand Activism strategy

  • The CEO as Brand Activist 

  • How do you find your authentic Brand Activism story?

  • What could possibly go wrong?

  • Aligning values and building movements

  • Measuring the impact of Brand Activism (Return on Trust)

  • Discussion

  • Follow-up

  • STRATEGIC TOOL: Brand Activism Mapping

  • STRATEGIC TOOL: The Brand Activism Canvas

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