Kotler Will Travel and Teach in Europe 2018

Kotler Will Travel and Teach in Europe 2018

I will be giving talks on marketing in Vienna, Bologna, Milan, Rome and Istanbul this November-December.

I speak at the 10th Anniversary Drucker Forum November 27-30 on “Should Managers be Activists.”  The Drucker Forum features a large number of European and North American business experts and is worth attending.

My talks in Bologna, Milan and Rome will describe “The New Marketing.”  In Rome, Sapienza University is awarding me an honorary degree, my 22nd honorary degree. Sapienza was founded in 1303 A.D.  It is the largest university in Europe, supporting over 115,000 students, including 5,500 international students, and almost 4,000 academic staff.

I will then fly to Istanbul, give my talk "The New Marketing" and return to the U.S.


Welcome to My New Website

Everyone’s website gets ancient after a while.  Mine suffered from old age.  I invited my granddaughter singer song writer Olivia Frances, a whiz at social media, to help me construct a lively website.  We used Square Space as the engine for developing the website.  We found it easy to use.  Please take a look at the various components on the Kotler website.  Your comments are always welcome.


Another summer at the Chautauqua Institution

Nancy and I spent a wonderful nine weeks at this utopian institution.  Each week featured speakers on a different theme.  Among the most interesting weel-long themes were The Ethics of Dissent, The Changing Nature of Work, The Arts of Yo-Yo Ma, and Russia.  Our granddaughter Olivia spent a week with us and we enjoyed listening to her songs at the Café.  Our nephew Jonathan Kotler came the same week and we listened with excitement to his new overture.  Even Beethoven would be impressed.


My New Book on Activists and Reformers, Strategies for Advancing the Common Good

All of us take positions on hot political issues.  Are we for or against gun control?  Are we pro-choice or pro-life on abortion?  Are we for more immigrants or fewer immigrants coming into the U.S.?  For each position on an issue, we can ask whether your position advances or sets back the Common Good.  You can bet that each side is ready to make the case that their side advances the Common Good.

Jeremy Bentham, the great English lawyer and philosopher, argued that judgment should be based on how much pleasure and pain would be caused by taking a particular position.  Consider this action.  A city government agency wants to confiscate some land to build a new performing arts center. It will compensate the landowner to mitigate their pain. If the performing art center generates a great amount of pleasure for city residents and only a relatively small amount of pain, this act would have increased the Common Good.  For Bentham, the measure is “the greatest good for the greatest number.”

I explore the meaning and measurement of the Common Good and how it is affected by different social movements such as the peace movement, the environmental movement, the women’s movement, the civil rights movement, the labor movement and other movements.  I also examine the tools, tactics and strategies that activists and reformers can use to advance their cause.

I am now in the process of choosing a publisher for this book that will run around 150 pages.